Be the White Light for others in 2014

New Year Resolution: Be the "White Light" for others in 2014 

Hello Pasco  friends,
As much as all of us at Crazy 8 Freedom, Inc. want to help others, to impact the world around us, and help people live bold dreams, we are all too often reminded of the darkness that engulfs our world. The great news is that the laws of universe call for balance; we have a balance of opposing order like an up and a down, a night and a day. However, sometimes it seems that the darkness of humanity is the only story we are ever told. We are inundated with stories of bullying, teen crime, teen suicide, child abuse, murder, domestic abuse, hunger, homelessness, drug use, and more.

I feel like we only get good stories of hope and love for one another over the “holiday season.” During this time we often hear of large groups feeding homeless families or donating gifts to poor or sick children. This seems to me that this openness to help only happens from Thanksgiving to Christmas. The disappointing thing is we never hear of these great stores of giving in April or August. How many stories do we hear in May or June about a person giving hundreds of gifts to young children in an orphanage? Or a stranger helping pay for a high electric bill for a family or a church or organization having a large community dinner?

Maybe it is just me, but I feel like the only time we all come together as a “United States” community to remember each other, is from this short time at the end of the year. I often question the reasoning for this trend. The fact is, as people we all need the awareness of knowing that we are recognized-that we matter. As humans we need to be “needed” to survive emotionally. Without a sense of connectedness to other people breaks the law of balance. This emptiness of the soul is what can drive people to become emotionally broken; it leads to depression, and despair.  Here is a little fact: It has been a longtime pubic misconception that the holidays cause people to become so depressed, that the national suicide rate goes up during the holidays. However, contrary to this common belief suicides go up the most over the spring and summer months not over the holiday season as the myth has been told over the years. This is another good reason to have the heart of the season pounding within you, me all of us all year long.

So... in 2014.... Please try to remember that no matter how dark the story, no matter how sad or hopeless it seems the universe will not allow it to last. There must be balance. As a caring human being remember too that all people need to be reminded and shown that they matter regardless of their current life situation. Who knows the person you help may be a great person or perhaps with the right inspiration could be a world leader one day. Keeping that in mind- remember that the work, effort and passion you have for others, is that "White Light," in their time of Darkness.....You have the power to make a life better if only with a kind smile, or a sincere “hello” given from pure love from your heart.  Please make the effort in 2014 to be a white light to someone in their darkness. You have the power to regain the universal law of balance, to help others live a life of purpose and hope.  
"Trust beyond Yourself"
Christopher Mahan






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