Locally Produced Christian Play Imparts Message of Truth

Truth and Lies at Christmas Time will be performed twice this month at CrossPoint Church in Holiday.

The CrossPoint Players present an original production of Truth and Lies at Christmas Time.  In eleven scenes the drama group of CrossPoint Church of Holiday promises to entertain and impart a message that truth is truly the best policy.  When faced with a life changing crisis one man’s decision not tell his family the truth about what happened puts the joy of Christmas, and his marriage, in peril.

CrossPoint Church was begun by Pastors Andre and Wilna Erasmus in July of 2010. The former assistant pastors at Calvary Chapel Worship Center have made the performing arts a top priority. The CrossPoint Players was founded that same year by Greg Giordano.  The newly minted drama group debuted with a Thanksgiving skit and a series of Christmas skits that paved the way for the church’s first major production: Ben and Angel.  Giordano, a long -time veteran of Christian drama, spent 14 years as founding member and director of The Stars of Bethlehem, a prolific drama group based in New Port Richey.  Additionally, he and his wife Nancy ran an online Christian drama publishing company that sold scripts to churches all throughout the world.

“All of the Christian drama we do is for the sole purpose of redeeming the arts for the Lord,” Giordano states.  “Too many things meant for good in this world are twisted for bad,” Giordano comments.  “And that includes the performing arts.  Drama is a powerful medium for sharing not only the Gospel, but the history and truth found in the Bible.  The CrossPoint Players’ goal is to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as well as to bring Biblical principles to life through comedy and drama.”

Truth and Lies at Christmas Time is the story of Thomas Doubtman (played by Giordano), a man who loses his job just days before Christmas.  His good friend and coworker Charlie Loyal (played by Jerry Bailie) stands by his side.  Thomas struggles within himself with the simple question: should he tell his wife April (played by Rita Suteu) and his children Jenny and Sam (played by Elizabeth Giordano and Joseph Giordano respectively), or should he put on a brave face on and try getting through the Christmas holidays holding on to a secret.  A surprisingly wise homeless man (played by Jim Daly), April’s best friend Janet (played by Elaine Barnes), the cold boss who fired Thomas (played by Ginger Plouffe) and Charlie and Janet’s granddaughter Brittany (played by Tess Daly) round out the excellent cast.

“We will have this wonderful play, very original,” Pastor Andre Erasmus, who also had a key role in Ben and Angel, states.  “You will miss something special if you don’t come.  We will see you there!”

2010’s Ben and Angel was based on Giordano’s first professionally published script (published by Eldridge Publishing under the title The Night Ben Filbert was Touched by an Angel).  Jerry Baillie, Jim Daly, Rebekah Giordano, Ginger Plouffe, Elaine Barnes and Tess Daly were all part of the inaugural production two years ago. All have returned for this year’s program, also written by Giordano.

Additionally, Elizabeth Giordano and Joseph Giordano, who have appeared on the CrossPoint stage over the past two years, have significant roles in this year’s production. The play’s newcomer, Rita Suteu, wows as the female lead April Doubtman.  Rebekah Giordano, who had the title role of Angel in Ben and Angel, serves as Giordano’s assistant director, her first foray into directing.  Kathleen Tilema serves as stage manager/ property manager.  Tommy Phillips mans the lights and sound board.

“We are blessed to have some very talented individuals in our drama group,” Giordano states.  “Some of the actors have experience performing on the stages of other churches.  Some of the younger folks have appeared in both community theater and school plays.  Even those with the least experience have a natural talent that just shines when they step onstage.  I have no doubt people will be blown away by the quality of acting they will see in this production.”

Truth and Lies at Christmas Time will be performed twice: December 14 at 7 PM and December 16 at 10 AM.  Both performances are free of charge.  However, the December 14th event will be followed by a dessert bar which comes with a suggested donation of $5.  For more information please contact Pastor Andre Erasmus of CrossPoint Church at 727-844-7259.  The church is located at 5730 Elena Drive, Holiday FL  34690.

Editor’s Note: New Port Richey resident Greg Giordano also submitted this as an announcement at the editor’s request. Do you have news you’d like to share? Uploda it to our announcements section and let the New Port richey patch editor know by emailing Alex.Tiegen@patch.com

Ben Ritter December 05, 2012 at 02:23 PM
Congratulations and kudos to Greg and his family for their fine works on stage and in the community. Ben Ritter
Wilna Erasmus December 06, 2012 at 04:06 AM
Congratulations Greg and the CrossPoint Players team! this is Greg's 2nd original play being performed at CrossPoint Church, and we are truly blessed by his talent as writer, actor and director! All for the glory of the Lord!
Greg Giordano December 06, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Thank you for your kind words, Ben. I hope you have a blessed Christmas season. If you are up in Holiday please stop by to see the show. It woudl be wonderful to see you!
Greg Giordano December 06, 2012 at 02:49 PM
Pastor, we do have a wonderful team. I can't stress enough just how important each and every person is to the success of this play or any other production. You and Pastor Andre have created an environment in the church which gives the members freedom to put on plays, sing songs, dance and express their talents for the Lord. Thank you for your ongoing support. I know I speak for many when I say we will always be grateful for you standing with us.


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