Holy Smokes, It's National Comic Book Day!

Whether you love caped crusaders or just like stories told with pretty pictures, be sure to geek out with your favorite comics on this holiday.

It's the day we deserve, but not the one we need.

Sept. 25 is National Comic Book day. This is a day for people of all ages to enjoy, since the first-ever comic book superhero made his first appearance in 1938. While some characters have new looks, and some of their storylines have changed completely, comic enthusiasts can still share their love of the graphic art form.

This geeky holiday is a great time for comic fans to honor their superhero, heroine or villain’s best stories.

Not a fan of superheroes? That's cool. Some of the best comics tell awesome stories about people who don't wear underwear outside their clothes. 

Your Patch editor recommends the following reads (which include titles featuring caped crusaders and independent comics with characters who wear neither masks nor tights): The Killing Joke, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, Y the Last Man, Ex Machina, Saga, Local, Sandman, Maus, Kingdom Come, Starman, Top10,  Watchmen, Concrete, Hellboy (because it's pretty) Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth and Captain America.


Want to find your favorite titles? Inquire at your local comic book retailer. The nearest to downtown New Port Richey is Colossal Comics 7010 Us Highway 19, New Port Richey, FL 34652

TELL US: What is your favorite comic book? Also, upload photos of your personal comic book collection.


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