Love Lunch at Madison Restaurant

Madison Restaurant got better

My initial impression of Madison Restaurant after my first visit was that it was an OK place for breakfast and lunch. The food was good; the service, while not stellar, was okay; and, the killer of all reviews; “it’s a good value for the money.”

Well, after six months of return visits, I don’t know that it’s because they’ve improved, or that I hit them on a bad day that first time, or that I was in a lousy mood, but I can honestly report that I think they’re a great place to come for breakfast or lunch.

Upon entering, your senses are assaulted by the noise. Tile floors and large windows cause sound to bounce around. But it complements the bustling ambience, and you quickly get used to it. At noon the dining room is full. We’re always greeted by a very friendly hostess. Today we were seated by the owner.

I’ve been here when they've been packed and had to wait for someone to take a drink order, but today our waitress, although busy, greeted us promptly, took care of another table, and returned quickly. The soup was “Stuffed Pepper.” Sounds odd? It was delicious. I can also attest to their lentil soup, which could have benefited from a few more lentils, but was rich and tasty nevertheless. Moving on, the chef salad is very fresh and served with generous portions of cheese, turkey and ham. My turkey club sandwich, “The King,” was excellent; made with real turkey slices, thickly-sliced tomato, leafy lettuce and lots of bacon. It’s served with their potato salad, which is creamy and eggy, and cole slaw. Other lunch favorites of mine are the Rachel (aka pastrami Reuben) and the tuna salad platter.

Some off-putting observations: the iced tea is not freshly brewed, so my alternative is diet soda. The Monte Cristo sandwich is made on French toast, not batter dipped and grilled. The chicken salad is creamy, not chunky, and not my personal preference. But these are minor inconveniences when you consider their extensive menu.

As far as my value for your money line, at $7 for our entrees and just $2 for a generously-sized cup of soup, you really can’t go wrong. But, once you get to know Madison, you’ll agree that it’s not about the money, it’s about the food.

5934 Trouble Creek Rd
New Port Richey, FL 34652
(727) 842-5000

Open Monday – Sunday for breakfast and lunch

gail June 24, 2011 at 10:08 PM
stopped here & had a burger...gotta say...one of the BEST burgers EVER...


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