5 Things You Shouldn't Have Missed

Bad conditions at a mobile home park, the city budget and the question of whether the Tampa Bay area lacks culture were highlights of the week.

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Sometimes we do both things well.

Have a busy week and miss one of the post that highlights our coverage or has got people chatting.

Catch up and join the conversation by following the links below to find some highlights of the coverage and conversation on our  site from this past week.


Collapsing Trailers Raise Safety Concerns at Walden Pond

  • City officials are exploring ways to improve conditions at the deteriorating mobile home park.

City Leaders Approve Budget

  • The fiscal year 2013 budget means layoffs for eight city workers

Does the Tampa Bay Area Lack Culture?

  • As museums throughout the region open their doors for free on Saturday, we want to know what you think about the area’s cultural scene.

Unlicensed Telemarketers Arrested

  • The telemarketers worked for Jessica Narcovich Security Consultant.

African American Club President Wants to Help Youths

  • Darryll Stevenson wants to start up new programming that helps youths succeed in adult life.


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