City Elections: Candidates Introduce Themselves to Voters

Patch has compiled videos of all the candidates introducing themselves and their campaigns to voters.

The seven candidates for New Port Richey city council got a chance at the Patch City Council Candidate Forum Wednesday to give residents a reason to vote for him or her.

We recorded the whole forum and decided to isolate video of each of their opening statements and reasons why they are running for city council.

Just click on the names below to see and hear each of the candidates give their campaign pitches on camera.

  • Michael Malterer
  • Jeff Starkey
  • Chopper Davis
  • Bob Langford
  • Ginny Miller
  • Rose Mohr
  • Jonathan Tietz
guillermo March 24, 2013 at 02:11 PM
After listening to all the city council candidates. There is one thing missing to be fulfill the last step, in order for the audience to decide who are the best suited candidate. They need to present themselves in bathing suit and perform a "Cat Walk" at the Town Hall Oratorio-um.


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