Ever Think of Merging Port Richey and New Port Richey?

If you could make a New Year's resolution for New Port Richey, what would it be?

With the new year approaching, we asked readers what they thought should be done to improve New Port Richey. We got many responses, but we thought one was particularly interesting.

Grace says:

Personally I'd merge New Port Richey with Port Richey and then with the savings from combining the police, fire depts and public services some of that money could be used to fix up both areas. Why nobody has suggested that so far, I don't know. I heard that Port Richey was even going to dissolve once and go back to becoming part of the county. That would be a shame. Fix up the messy neighborhoods, start fineing people who park 2-3-4-5 vehicles in their front yards and get some cash in. Then cut waste and encourage companies to relocate here.

What do you think of the idea, readers?

Want to know what other ideas others  on improving New Port Richey that others are talking about? Check out the rest of the comments, and upload your own here.

Gregory Digiovanni

I occasionally drive up to New Port Richey from Palm Harbor for client meetings and I think it's a great area. The perception though is not that great. I always hear people ask why New Port Richey? It's so far to get to, there's nothing up there, etc. I think if officials were able to capture more businesses it has the potential to thrive. With businesses, residents and their dollars will follow.


The east of New Port Richey is very nice. However the west end, US 19 has been dubbed H & H HIGHWAY - which stands for HOOKERS AND HOMELES!!! RT 19 is our main thoroughfare. It should look like Little Rd. Instead, when you come in from the airport and Pinellas County, it looks like you've entered the Land Of The Dregs!

Tee Marcin

I do not live in the area yet but will soon relocate. the hookers and homeless give the place a seedy impression. I have a lot of empathy for the homeless, but when you go to a parking lot and have to run from them; it is a problem. The hooker problem could be cleaned up once the strip clubs are discouraged to open businesses there. A few policel cars greeting entry and exits would discourage many customers.

Bette MacDonald

I believe if the Main Street businesses would repaint their buildings with some exciting Florida colors and put some plants outside their doors it would liven up our wonderful Main Street. Plus if the city would put out nice wrought iron benches…along Main Street it would be a nice touch...we have the history of Holloywood..we should find a sculpture that would donate small life like statues (our small head pieces to plant around Main Street to have a Scavenger Hunt for "Stars on Main Street" of our Hollywood Stars that lived in New Port Richey...Gloria Swanson,Charlie Chaplin, etc...I think each store could have maps and check off places where people find the stars for the scavenger hunt!

Rob Marlowe

The nice benches are coming. There is agreement on council to replace the anti-terrorist barricades lining Main Street from 19 to River Road with nice benches like the ones in and around the park. The City will provide planters for in front of the stores. The store owners simply need to promise to water the plants and try not to kill them.

vincent gimble

if the only jobs available are going to be new convenience stores opening up, then New Port Richey and all of West Pasco will continue to be doomed as a place that is down and out and will never be revitalized. Two WAWA stores are just not going to cut it when it comes to jobs. If decent paying full time jobs cannot be attracted into this area, then many, as they do now, will never have the buying power to purchase things nor fix up their dilapidated homes and the entire West side of Pasco will remain in the deplorable state that it is presently in for decades to come.

Sharon Avila

I would recommend that the Board of County Commissions be held accountable for the actions of shelter director, John W. Malley. Mr. Malley has come under scrutiny in recent months for the mismanagement of animals under his charge and the BOCC has swept the problems under the carpet. Ms. Mulieri is the only commissioner who is taking positive steps to change the way that the shelter is run (through the use of volunteers) however, nothing has been done to eliminate the catalyst for those problems: JOHN W. MALLEY.

Lia Gallegos

These are all grand ideas, but what I'm not hearing here is "what *I* am going to do in 2013 to make New Port Richey a better place to live." We live in a country that was founded on the idea that we are responsible for creating our own destinies, we don't wait for government to fix all the ills in our world. US 19 is awful and we need more quality jobs in the area, which are the responsibilities of the government, absolutely, but what about all the small ways each one of us can contribute to changing the culture of our area now to make it a better place to live?

Get involved, lend a hand, make it a priority to visit the historic district at least once a week, use the public library-it's a hub of community activity & information-find out what's happening with your neighbors and right in your own backyard. It doesn't cost a lot to plant a pot of flowers & place it by your front door or clean up your yard-the city will even deliver free mulch to your home or biz. Go for a walk in your neighborhood, talk to your neighbors. Throw a bock party. Patronize existing businesses.

There are great people living in the City of NPR and surrounding areas who are all working toward the common goal of creating a vibrant, sustainable and connected community while advocating for the government to address systemic issues. You're welcome to jump in and roll your sleeves up too, the more people who do, the faster the results. Why not make 2013 a year of renewal for NPR, from the ground up?

bill stanton December 27, 2012 at 04:35 AM
i think its a good area better then all the crime in st pete and tampa but there very few jobs here
Mark December 27, 2012 at 02:08 PM
I like new port Richey just the way it is! No place is perfect you will always have whine bags!
Lacota December 27, 2012 at 02:35 PM
There is always room for improvement and it always begins at home! If we all clean our own area inclusive of the Rd. in front of our homes, the neighborhoods would look lovely. As far as Highway 19 is concerned, I believe the Officials need to place stricter guidelines for the un-ruly and the Law of Punishment. The people need to come forward as to what we truly want for Businesses in New Port Richey and protest and sign their names to change things for the better. Seems like most people do not want to be involved because, New Port Richey has gone to the Prostitutes, Drug Dealers and the Homeless! This is a HUGE endeavor and we need to start somewhere.
Michael Malterer December 27, 2012 at 07:09 PM
I think the city and it's officals should be more proactive in trying to recruit businesses to the city. The "unsavory characters" problem would be fixed if people had high paying jobs right here in New Port Richey.
Edward Yablecki December 30, 2012 at 11:53 AM
I love Lia Gallegos comments. Its within us to make change and take some responsibility. Why do we look at government, they are so inefficient. I would rather reduce their involvement. How can I make changes? I can be a good neighbor, I can clean up areas of my neighborhood, I can be a positive influence on the youths. I can use the local businesses and bring business to New Port Richey.
Grace December 30, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Why do we have to make this so political? Sure Lia has some good ideas but come on now, be a good neighbor when your neighbor's yard is full of junk cars and trash and when you ask him to clean it up you can't repeat what he/she might say? I live in an ok area but I know people this has happened to. Now who is really going to go to a local business and pay $2-$5-$10 more for an item when times are tough and when it's cheaper at WalMart? And being a positive influence on our youth? When they walk down the street the girls looking like hoochie mamas and the boys like thugs? And the language they use and their lack of education, it's mind-boggling. What I believe the topic was, would it be a good idea to merge New Port Richey. Well for Lia who wants less government, we'd have less government, 1 body responsible for the new amalgamated city. No more extra waste, we'd have a combined police force, fire departments, and less politicians. Instead of less involvement of an inefficient city government, we have a smaller "leaner" one and get them involved, or else kick them all out at election time. Hold them more accountable. The people should get involved with ideas, but this fantasy of being a better neighbor, influencing our youth, etc. will only work if EVERYONE does it. And believe me there are areas which are trashier than anything on the 19. One city, less waste, get the government and the people involved together. That's the only way to save both cities in my opinion.
Michael Delicato December 31, 2012 at 04:34 PM
Leave Port Richey alone. We are doing fine by our selves. Let New Port Richey solove there own problems. Port Richey is a great city to live in.
Grace December 31, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Yup Port Richey is doing great. All those lovely neighborhoods over by Stone Road, with their cars and trucks in the yards, people grilling outside, and those beautiful homes over around Fox Hollow that look like an urban slum. Yup Port Richey is doing very well on its own. We all can see that as can people when they come to visit and comment about how nice a city it's not! It's a shame because it used to be.


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