Tuition Hike in Store for West Pasco College Students?

Florida lawmakers are considering another 6 percent raise in tuition at the state’s universities.

New Port Richey area high school students who want to further their education at the University of South Florida or another state university may soon find themselves paying more to get in.

Even though funding for universities is up and budget cuts are off the table for the first time in years, Florida lawmakers are considering a tuition hike of 6 percent, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Over the past few years, tuition at Florida’s universities has climbed by as much as 15 percent as funding from the state fell. While funding is improving, lawmakers say the hike is needed to help offset some of the damage done during leaner years, the Times reports.

Gov. Rick Scott, however, does not agree. He’s promised to veto any proposal that includes a hike in tuition.

Here’s what in-state tuition fees at the University of South Florida were set at for Fall 2012 through Summer 2013 at the undergraduate level, according to the school’s website:

  • Tampa Campus - $208.68 per credit hour
  • St. Petersburg Campus - $190.19 per credit hours
  • Sarasota-Manatee - $183.99

Would you be willing to pay more in tuition to improve USF? Or, do you agree with Gov. Scott that enough is enough? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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