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Press Release

Barlas & Chambers Launches Social Security Timing Program

With so much at stake, when and how to elect Social Security may be the most important decision middle
income retirees make.

“Social Security Timing Help Retirees Maximize their Social Security Benefit”

Tarpon Springs, January 9, 2013:  

Barlas & Chambers, LLC today announced the launch of The Social Security Timing Program in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, which helps retirees uncover tens of thousands of dollars in additional Social Security benefits that may
have otherwise been left on the table.

"Whether to elect Social Security early or late is a decision virtually everyone will face," said George Chambers, Managing Partner of Barlas & Chambers, LLC. We simultaneously calculate all combinations across the 728 possible election strategies in order to identify
the one that offers the highest lifetime benefit."

Barlas & Chambers, LLC has identified 4 techniques to correct Social Security Timing mistakes that can be used to reclaim some of the benefits if a retiree elected early.

Option 1: Pay it Back – Within the first
year after electing, retirees may choose to pay back their benefits and their record will reset as though they never elected.

Option 2: Go Back to Work – Retirees may
return to work, which will cause Social Security to reduce or withhold their benefits due to the earnings test. This could potentially increase your benefit when you reach Full Retirement Age (FRA).

Option 3: Voluntarily Suspend – Once a person
reaches Full Retirement Age (FRA), they may voluntarily suspend benefits and get an 8% per year pay raise (plus cost of living adjustments) until age 70.

Option 4: Maximize Spousal Benefits – In the case where one spouse has already elected benefits, the Barlas & Chambers Social Security Timing Program will identify the best of the remaining strategies for the spouse who has not yet elected.

Many people do not realize that the Social Security Administration (SSA) personnel are trained to help retirees determine the largest monthly benefit on the day the retiree applies, SSA personnel do not take into account your family or analyze the 728 possible strategies.

The Barlas & Chambers Social Security Timing Program could potentially increase your benefits by tens of thousands of dollars.

The following are just a few examples of the many strategies available;

“We” not “Me” Decision – If you are married
there are several savvy “switch” strategies you can implement.

File and Suspend – This is ideal for
couples where one spouse earned a larger income than the other spouse.

Taking Turns to Retirement – The
Restricted Application strategy is ideal for couples who have comparable incomes.

Claim the Hidden Legacy – A surviving spouse
can start to receive benefits at age 60.

Uncle Sam Pays Alimony – A divorced spouse
can also qualify for a benefit if the marriage lasted at least 10 years.

Patience Pays Off – Timing is Everything.

The Barlas & Chambers Social Security Timing Program with the free "What's at Stake?" calculator are available for review at www.BarlasChambers.com.

About Barlas & Chambers, LLC
Our goal is to make a beneficial difference in the lives of our clients. We take pride in the belief that no client is too small to benefit from our services.  We work as a team, providing a collaborative approach to creating solutions that are tailored for each client.

Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by the selection of our staff and the quality of their work. We pride ourselves in having a team that sincerely cares, really listens, and puts the client’s interest before their own.

Visit www.barlaschambers.com
for more information.



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