Hidden Cash Treasure Hunts on the Rise in Bay Area

Using Twitter, two anonymous groups are leading Tampa Bay area residents on hunts for hidden stashes of cash.

Two groups are hiding cash in St. Petersburg and are using Twitter to spread the word.
Two groups are hiding cash in St. Petersburg and are using Twitter to spread the word.

Giving back is becoming a trend in St. Petersburg where two groups are now leading the charge to hand out free money to those who can find it.

Using Twitter to drop clues about the locations of hidden cash in and around the city, the groups are taking a lead from a San Francisco real estate mogul who began using Twitter to post clues about hidden stashes of money back in May, the Tampa Bay Times reports. The concept quickly spread to other locations, including Chicago and Vancouver.

Now, it’s in Tampa Bay, with two groups leading the charge that began here about a month ago.

The first group, Hidden Cash St. Pete has the Twitter handle @hiddencashstpet. The second is known as Hidden Cash in St. Pete and uses @hiddencashstpt as its handle.

Hidden Cash St. Pete plans to give away two prizes this week.

“Planning 2 more $100 drops this week,” a tweet on the group’s Twitter feed said. “Can’t wait to see you #payitforward! #hiddencash.”

The second group, Hidden Cash in St. Pete, also uses Twitter to offer clues. It offers prizes of $10 to those who find stash locations first.

The idea behind the movement is simply to pay it forward, the Times reports.

"Regardless of how much or how little you have, you can improve the quality of someone else's day by taking notice and showing you care," a representative from Hidden Cash St. Pete told the Times.

The notion seems to be contagious and not limited to Twitter. On Father’s Day, a family left a Lakeland waitress and single mother of three a $510 tip.

Read more about the St. Pete cash drops on the Times’ website.

Have you ever paid it forward? Do you know of other groups dropping cash around the Bay area? Tell us it by commenting below!

Magnus Thunderson June 18, 2014 at 04:05 PM
I wonder how we waste in gas driving around to find this


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