Doctor's In: On Sensible Gun Control

Significant gun control legislation a must for safer communities.

As a follow-up to my most recent post concerning the need for adequate mental health resources (see prior blog),  I now suggest the need for serious gun safety legislation.  It has never been a valid argument to claim "Guns don't kill people, people do." 

That has long been the rallying cry of gun rights extremists.  I'm sorry - guns do kill people!  I do argue that mental health services is the elephant in the room  relating to violent tragedies like Newtown, CT.  However, there are simply too many guns in the hands of unstable and untrained people and restrictions are necessary to make our communities safer. 

This is not about our rights this is about saving serious injury and lives. I suggest the following:

  • No person should have any firearm without a comprehensive background check.
  • No person should have a firearm without an approved certificate from a gun safety program.
  • Assault rifles should be banned from public ownership.Penalties should be severe for anyone having weapons without meeting the above requirements.

Gun lovers can gnash their teeth and whine about the second amendment but that's the way it should be for the safety of the general public.  There simply have been too many preventable tragedies.  Enough is enough!

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Marc J. Yacht MD, MPH December 30, 2012 at 01:06 PM
Michael: My recommendations do not take guns away. I have guns myself. It sets up reasonable policy to determine the stability and history of who owns them and along with shored up mental health services may reduce the risk of horrible tragedies that no one wants. Not even you!. As for me being a "wacko liberal" - you don't know me. Your extreme rhetoric defines you as a person not looking for solutions. Just another irrational gun rights spewing 2nd ammendment defender with few facts and poor judgement. I appreciate your comments..
Eddie December 31, 2012 at 05:30 PM
Interesting. You are a gun owner. Have you one who has gone through those provisions? You're a Doctor, so we are to just assume that you are not one who is an at risk person having a gun. Doctors in Florida have committed felonies and abused patients. Even you can be u8njustly accused of being a risk. "No person should have any firearm without a comprehensive background check." Already done, with the exception of individual sales, but, if a person knowingly sells to a person who is not legally taking custody of a gun, it is a felony. If you want this for person to person, make the cost not so cost prohibitive that you have to go through a gun dealer, or is that you goal, assist the gun dealer in making a little bit more money. "No person should have a firearm without an approved certificate from a gun safety program." I think that would be a violation of a little pesky thing called "THE CONSTITUTION." We don't keen a certificate for a "RIGHT" in our homes. "Assault rifles should be banned from public ownership.Penalties should be severe for anyone having weapons without meeting the above requirements." Already did this for 10 years and Columbine occurred. It did nothing. Over 100 laws violated. Those laws really scared the little killers. Lanza violated at least 180 state AND maybe more Federal felonies. He was really scared? I am a FREE THINKING retired cop, gun owner, life member of NRA and REPUBLICAN, who has shot a MENTAL criminal, IN THE LINE OF DUTY.
Marc J. Yacht MD, MPH December 31, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Eddie: I appreciate your comments. My views stand.
Eddie January 01, 2013 at 04:34 AM
Oh yea, since you seem to assume I am a danger due to my gun ownership without your strigent rules, I will also ask you please don't shoot anyone tonight. Under your views, you are just as much a risk as any other gun owner. Remember folks, this DOCTOR is a risk because he owns guns. So lame Doc, SO LAME AND IGNORANT. But I respect (?) your opinion!
Marc J. Yacht MD, MPH January 01, 2013 at 05:12 AM
Happy New Year Eddie!


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