Doctor's In: The Silent Majority Always Wins 2

Either we will find common ground as a society and pull together or we will pull each other apart.

Continuing my diatribe on the need to find the middle on polarizing issues, I must compliment Mary in LOL for carefully picking apart my view from the Tower with logic and references. I have found this back and forth thought provoking. I now have a greater respect for opposing views and have reconsidered some of my thinking.

Other commentaries which include insult and base ignorance, I put in the trash can where they belong. I see too much of this destructive and mindless comment on CNN blogs. Too many hide behind anonymity to write the cruelest and unimaginable remarks. If that is a way to get kicks - so be it!

In reviewing referenced material contrary to my point of view, I have found much from conservative think-tanks funded by the very rich with a very clear agenda – protect their money. The dollar devaluation seriously effects inherited wealth. There are many other reasons that include controlling labor costs and moving vast wealth to elitist-rich but that is not where I am going today.

Much of the concern relating to the direction of the Obama Administration suggests a move toward socialism, communism and surprisingly enough, even fascism. These are highly charged words and offered due to continued criticism of Medicare, Social Security, and other human service safety nets that have grown government employment and continue to be huge targets for anti-government ideologues like the Libertarians.

Much of the justification for their arguments relates to the drifting away of our founding fathers concepts of the role of Government in American society.  In conversations with these folks the purists are stanchly opposed to any government services.  Everything should be privatized.  The growth of Government is seen as the cause for our societal ills.  The constitution remains the chief document expounded to justify such arguments along with what our founding fathers conceptualized as a future America.

Several points: In1800 the population of the U.S. was 5,308,483. There was little industry and much in the way of agriculture and farming.  By 1900, the population increased to 76,212,168 along with the beginnings of the industrial revolution. In the year 2013 and the advent of the information age our population stands at 315,381,527.  Add one girl; I became a grandfather on February 22. The point is the country has changed significantly and so have the needs.

Wrapping up this monograph, I would suggest that common ground must be found on many critical issues facing our nation. I would include Health Care, community infrastructure, unemployment, education, public safety, and debt.  Although, every effort is being made to reduce unemployment, it is very possible that the jobs simply are not there particularly for the unskilled. Automation and technology have changed the equation relating to employment.  That does not change individual family needs. 

We must look at things differently and the rules must adjust to this change. If we as a society cannot find common ground and understand that many of the old rules simply will not work in the current environment we will evolve to a society predicted in a number of science fiction works.  I enjoy science fiction, I always see it as very prophetic. I have visions of "Sin City", or "The Book of Eli", or Escape from New York.  There are already internal groups bent on the destruction of this society. Remember the Murrah Building, Oklahoma. I fear them much more than I fear Al-Qaeda and other foreign enemies. 

We will either pull together or pull each other apart. The answers lie within the silent voting majority.  More to come….



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Mary in LOL February 28, 2013 at 05:37 PM
Marc, thank you for the compliment. You may be interested to learn that the American Revolution was not fought only with muskets, but with rapid repeating long rifles and heavy artillery such as field guns, mortars, howitzers, gallopers, swivel guns, and siege cannons. Because there was no standing military, ALL of it was privately owned. From http://www.revolutionarywararchives.org/longrifle.html "two brothers in the company took a piece of board, five inches broad and seven inches long, with a bit of white paper about the size of a dollar nailed in the center, and while one of them supported this board perpendicularly between his knees, the other at a distance of upwards of sixty yards and without any kind of a rest, shot eight bullets successively through the board, and spared his brother's thighs....the spectators, amazed at these feats, were told that there were upwards of fifty persons in the company who could do the same thing; that there was not one who could not plug 19 bullets out of 20 within an inch of the head of a ten-penny nail...." The Loyalist Bradford brothers, Philadelphia printers, wrote the following story which appeared in the London Chronicle on August 17, 1775: "This province has raised 1,000 riflemen, the worst of whom will put a ball into a man's head at a distance of 150 or 200 yards, therefore advise your officers who shall hereafter come out to America to settle their affairs in England before their departure".
Marc J. Yacht MD, MPH February 28, 2013 at 07:35 PM
Great shooting, interesting armaments. Different time - different needs. Few weapons needed today to defend an effective hostile force would be found in an American home. If a tank rolled up to your house you could do very little with an assault rifle. However, such an assault rifle, gun, or any weapon in the hands of the mentally ill - well let me count the ways: Columbine, Aurora, the tower at the Texas University, Newtown and what is to come. It's not taking guns away, but addressing who has them. I am very concerned that the issue is so contentious that little will come out of the current rhetoric. That is too bad. In Pasco there will be a commission meeting on March 19 to close Gun Show looholes. Unfortunately, I will be out of town. I suspect the meeting will be quite contentious. My next blog will be supporting the closing of the loop holes. My concerns have already been published in Health News Florida. It should also appear in Florida Voices and other print venues. As I have said, you have to get beyond the stats. 26 children murdered in one school has devastating effects not only on the community but all of us. If you just look at the number - 26 of 10,000 that's not much - right? Tell that to the parents. So whereever you are with potential regulation try to frame it thinking about Aurora, Columbine, Newtown and others. Maybe reduced clip capacity is one acceptable alternative for everyone. Pulling together is the key!


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