So, WHY does AOL have to prevail and beat out great home town news stories and fire an excellent reporter (Alex and others); ALL in the name sake of saving a dollar? Why can't others (re) create a home town NPR and/or Pasco News site? WHY, do we allow conglomerates to "bully" there way into our communities and force the small guy out of business, i.e. like Walmarts? Is there NO recourse? If so, how does one go about in creating a home town network news web site? I would think that AOL would want to consider the value(s) in the home town features and/or at least the people within the community in the county being reported. Too bad corporate greed has allowed AOL to forget that loyalty of followers is built upon one follower at a time. I have lived in this amazing community for the past 15 years. There is much to tell others about ALL the good that goes on within this community and the kindness of the people that choose to live and work here.  United we Stand, Divided we Fall..... Safety in numbers. Does anyone have any advise on how to initiate or re-initiate a page similar to the old NPR Patch News? I would certainly be willing to be a crusader, but cannot carry the torch. Any comments/suggestions or further thoughts are welcomed and encouraged.  Thank you.


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