The Suncoast Brotherhood Chapter of Pasco is corrupt. Tonight they held a poker run in which first place won with 4 kings, second place won with a straight, and 3rd place won with 3 of a kind. I had a flush. If you know anything about poker, a flush beats 3 of a kind and also a straight. I brought this to their attention and was basically told to go pound salt. Therefore, I must resign from t...his organization since it is not something that I can support.
It is not about the money. The little bit of money that was given tonight out was nothing. I spent more than that in buying drink for everyone, 50/50 tickets and poker hands. This is about trust. I cannot belong to any organization that I cannot trust. When this happened, I was so upset that I immediately took off my vest and left it on the ground at Thunder. So if anyone wants a brand new vest with a nice new Suncoast patch and several other patches, you can have it for free. It is of no use to me anymore.
If anyone has any issues with my comments, I would be more than willing to speak to you personally. I can be reached at 727-741-4099. This is not the first time that I have seen this type of conduct at the Suncoast Pasco Chapter. There has been several other incidents where the Suncoast Pasco chapter has taken advantage of their member. I wish Suncoast Brotherhood the best of luck and I hope you resolve these issues in the future and improve your organization. I am not looking for any confrontations regarding this. I am only voicing my opinions. Respectfully submitted by Steve Lastic.


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