Corruption in 6th Judicial Circuit Court in St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL

To   : Judge Walter Logan

       545 1stAve. N

       St. Petersburg, FL 33701


This is a Notice of Filing to state that you did not respond to my challenge of answering my question. I have filed a Notice of Filing Feb.14, 2014 exposing your prejudice and bias, misusing and abusing the authority the US Constitution vested in you and let your personal feelings against my person to influence your judgment and rulings. In that Notice, I asked the following question:

Judge Walter Logan, after the judgments and rulings you have made against all fairness and justice, I wonder if those judgments and rulings make you:

1-An accomplice to a professional thief and liar?

2-An accessory to theft and perjury?

3-Both of the above?

4-None of the above?

I am a little Indian ignorant litigant. You are the experienced lawman. I surely would appreciate it if you would be kind enough and let me know.

So far I have not heard from you. I guess, if my interpretation is correct, any answer, positive or negative, would incriminate you, thus you chose not to answer.

This notice of filing will be in the permanent record of your court. As well, this notice will also be sent, to the following Dignitaries: Senator Bill Nelson- Senator Marco Rubio- FL Governor Rick Scott- FL Attorney Pam Bondi- FL Supreme Court Chief Justice Honorable Ricky Polston- 2nd DCA Chief Judge Honorable Charles A. Davis Jr.- JQC Director Ms. Brook Kennerly.

I certify that the above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and understanding under perjury of the law. This notice of filing is hand delivered to judge Walter Logan, and by regular US mail to the above mentioned Dignitaries, this Thu.06 of Mar. 2014.


                                          With reservation



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