Deputies: Woman Wanted on 5 Drug-Related Warrants

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is looking for help to find a woman wanted on a variety of charges.

Editor’s noteAs the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office turns to the Internet to help it find fugitives with outstanding warrants, New Port Richey Patch is pitching in to help by reposting the information on the agency’s Fugitive of the Day Facebook feature.

Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies are asking area residents to keep their eyes open for a woman they say violated parole and failed to appear in court on a number of drug-related charges.

Erica Marie Hauer, 28, was last known to live in the Wesley Chapel area. The five active warrants issued for her arrest include failure to appear charges for:

  • Possession of Oxycodone
  • Possession of marijuana
  • Possession of Alprazolam

She also has warrants out for her arrest related to parole violations for possession of Oxycodone, possession of Alprazolam and marijuana.

Have you seen Hauer?

If so, the sheriff's office asks that you post information to its online tips page.

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Carla Gibson April 18, 2013 at 07:56 PM
Is she a dangerous criminal? After the recent bombing in Boston and the poison letter (s) that were sent to the President & others, I would HOPE that Pasco law enforcement will concentrate more on the REALLY dangerous criminals like child molesters, rapists, spouse abusers, and others that deserve to be caught by the law. If this young woman isn't out there murdering, raping, and robbing people for drugs, I'm not afraid of her at all.
Christopher Mahan April 19, 2013 at 06:45 PM
Hi Carla, The charges may seem unimportant, but lets remember if she is selling to another person then we have another addicted criminal on the streets, or if she drives HIGH she could ,kill someone or herself. The FBI has the letters and bombing suspects under control. Sheriff Nocco is asking for help to keep our community clean. People that are addicted to pills will do just about anything to get that next hit. This may include robbing, abuse or murder. So with that, I would say yes, she is a criminal.If she were a man that could rape, molest, or abuse someone would that change your mind? The law is the law for male and female criminals.
Carla Gibson April 21, 2013 at 03:45 AM
Hi Cristopher, I get it .. the "law" doesn't HAVE to make sense - it is what it is. But I would still prefer it if the law would concentrate on the really DANGEROUS criminals who are actually out there committing horrific crimes rather than going after people addicted to drugs who "may" (or may not) rob, abuse, or murder one day. I don't care if they are male or female. I do like Sheriff Nocco's vision to keep Pasco "clean" (if it was at all possible to do) but the "war on drugs" will NEVER be won as long as millions & billions of dollars is being made by the high level (wealthy) traffickers and dealers. You can't make a dent in the illegal drug problem by picking off a few little drug addicts on the streets now and then. I'm sure even the law can see what a futile ambition it is to "wipe out" illegal drugs and drug addicts .. it will never happen. I'm an "old" lady now and over the decades I have yet to see any real progress in the war on drugs .. if anything it keeps getting worse & worse. If the law was REALLY working one would think the illegal drug problem across the country would be showing some progess. It isn't. I hate to say it, but the illegal drug problem will NEVER ease until the big time traffickers stop making BILLIONS & BILLIONS off of it . . . if illegal drugs suddenly had ZERO $$ value wouldn't the product eventually disappear from the streets?
Carla Gibson April 22, 2013 at 04:47 AM
Hi Christopher, I understand and respect what you are saying, but I still think the law is involved in a losing battle fighting against the illegal drug business and they are mistakenly going after those who haven't committed horrrific crimes like murder, robbery, or other crimes to support their addiction. Illegal drugs is a multi-BILLION dollar BUSINESS and until the highest level drug dealers / drug lords stop getting wealthy from supplying it to thousands & thousands of people just like this young woman, the illegal drug problem will never ease. As long as there is a $$$ Price $$$ on illegal drugs, the problem will keep growing & growing as it has for decades.


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