Man With History of Fraud Had Ties to New Port Richey

Alfred Paul Notaro was accused of writing bad checks, according to reports.

By Cherlene Willis

Alfred Paul Notaro admitted to police that he didn't have enough money in his business account to cover the down payment for a beach condominium, according to arrest reports.

Notaro wrote two checks totaling nearly $2,000 and gave them to the landlord of the property on July 20, 2013, police say.

According to police, he issued checks from the account of Rescue Me Foods Corporation in New Port Richey. The account did not have sufficient funds, police say. According to the report, Notaro knew that.

Notaro was arrested and charged with two counts of obtaining property in return for a worthless check, both felonies. Notaro has since posted $10,000 bail.

According to the report, the "Defendant has an extensive multistate history for Check and Credit Card Fraud, and an active warrant from Missouri from 2008, for 7 counts of passing bad checks. The warrant is not extraditable from Florida at this time."
James Powell August 29, 2013 at 09:25 PM


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