Residents Continue to Occupy Walden Pond After Closing Deadline

This is what the mobile home park was like the morning after the closing deadline passed.

There were still some people in Walden Pond mobile home park in New Port Richey late Wednesday morning.

Residents had received letters in July saying the park was closing effective 11:59 p.m. the day before. The letter said the recipient’s lease would be terminated at 11:59 p.m. and if the recipient wasn’t off the property on Aug. 1, the recipient would be “deemed a holdover tenant, and Walden Pond, LLC, shall forthwith commence an action to recover possession.”

New Port Richey Code Enforcement Officer Liz Nichols says that to legally evict people, a property owner needs to file eviction paperwork through the court system. The eviction can only be served to tenants by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

So far, Nichols has not seen any legal notice filed through the court.

Nichols was at Walden Pond Wednesday, too.

“I think you guys have a while,” she told Shea and Brent White, who are renting a mobile home at the park and staying put for the moment. 

Also at the park Wednesday was Paul Beraquit, managing partner of Walden Pond, LLC, which bought the deed to Walden Pond in 2005. Beraquit was driving around in the park. He talked to at least one person.

He also asked Nichols about whether a couple lots were still occupied and complained about statements Nichols made to journalists.

“I’m the devil right now,” he told her.

Beraquit continues to say the decision to close the park is due to economics.

“It’s not an eviction,” Beraquit said of what was happening at the park. The park is just closing down, he said.

When Patch asked what he’s going to do about remaining tenants, he said “I don’t know yet.”

The city is meeting with Walden Pond, LLC, Friday to discuss demolition of abandoned trailers, Nichols said.

New Port Richey Deputy Mayor Rob Marlowe had this to say about the Walden Pond situation:

A mobile home park on the west side of US 19 is a bad idea because of the potential for flooding and other storm damage. The financial situation the park owner faces just makes the problem more acute.

It appears that Liz Nichols from the city staff has been working with the residents.

The residents are in a very difficult position and they need to relocate out of Walden Pond as quickly as possible. I was very pleased to see to try to get some county assistance for these folks.

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Jared Leone August 01, 2012 at 11:10 PM
Thanks for keeping us updated on the plight at Walden Pond.


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