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Town Hall Meeting Reveals Issues

More than a hundred Palm Harbor citizens turned out to talk with Pinellas County Commissioners about a wide variety of issues at a Town Hall Meeting sponsored by Palm Harbor Patch.

Palm Harbor residents expressed their passion about issues important to them during a Town Hall Meeting Wednesday evening sponsored by Palm Harbor Patch.

Pinellas County Commissioners and citizens spent two hours discussing a wide variety of topics that included light rail, county audits, flouride in drinking water, solid waste, transferable development rights (TDRs), street lights, road construction, safety hazards, park fees and much more. The conversations were passionate, lively, and often peppered by applause. 

The Town Hall Meeting was transmitted live on Livestream.com and updates were sent out via Twitter

If you were not able to ask a question to Pinellas County Commissioners during the Town Hall Meeting, or if you'd like to communicate with them about something else, here are their emails-

Susan Latvala- slatvala@pinellascounty.org

Nancy Bostock- nbostock@pinellascounty.org

Neil Brickfield- nbrickfield@pinellascounty.org

Norm Roche- nroche@pinellascounty.org

The community worked together to make the event a huge success. Many, many thanks to everyone!

  • Citizens took time from their busy lives to attend. 
  • Pinellas County Commissioners Susan Latvala, Nancy Bostock, Neil Brickfield, and Norm Roche cleared their schedules to participate.
  • and  at offered a new location after it was discovered that the audience would be too large for the initial location. (FYI- PHREC has venues for special events with the rental fees helping support community programs.)
  • owner, Lesley Klein volunteered her time and equipment to transmit the Town Hall on Livestream.com.
  • owner Paul Hittos initially offered his restaurant as the location.
Torrey Craig January 27, 2012 at 03:53 PM
I was at the Town Hall meeting and I totally agree that the meeting provided an excellent forum for some questions and concerns. I believe that it was Ms. Bostock who asked something of a rhetorical question of herself - what is the impact of the commission’s decisions fifty years down stream. I think it would be most illuminating if Ms Bostock and the members of the commission where to post what their vision is fifty years down stream. Another point made was that a citizen can take a picture with there I Phone and send it and comments to the whomever. Many people do not have an a device that allows for this. As result many people use other methods of communicating with members of the commission. In the past several weeks I have e-mailed two different county commissioners with different questions. My e-mails have gone unanswered, which leaves me the question of what is an effective method of communicating with commission members when a question arises? I think everyone who was at the meeting would like to see this continued and yes expanded. There where questions asked that belonged to the School Board, perhaps they could do a town hall meeting on issues that them? I would certainly like to hear the Sheriff discussing issues that impact his department, might he do a similar style meeting?
Sunde Farquhar January 27, 2012 at 04:49 PM
Hi Torrey! Thanks for coming to the meeting! I am posting the commissioners' email addresses for people who would like to send them a message. I am also re-posting the story about the phone app that you can use to send photos of "problem areas" to the county. I've already spoken with Sheriff Gualtieri and he has agreed to participate in a future Town Hall Meeting with members of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office as special guests. We'll keep you posted on that! Thanks again for attending the meeting :)


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