Top 10 Tips for a Successful School Year

Courtesy of the Pasco County School District.

Maximize your child's learning opportunities by establishing a sleeping schedule that he/she will use once school starts. It is essential that all children be properly rested each night in order to achieve their highest potential. Sleeping patterns often take time to develop, and the time to begin a routine is  now.

Before you go shopping for school clothes, please review the Student Code of Conduct policies and your school website for guidance related to appropriate dress. The Dress Code is enforced in all schools.

Check your child's school schedule and allow plenty of travel time to ensure your child will arrive on time. During the first two weeks of school, many schools experience higher than normal traffic and you will experience a slow down.

Remember that you may not drop off your child  more than 30 minutes before school and that he/she must be picked up on time.

If your child will be riding a bus, please check your bus schedule and review the rules for bus riding that are set forth in the Student Code of Conduct. Once you receive information about your child’s bus stop, please familiarize your child with the safest possible route to the bus stop. Your child's safety is always our primary concern. Using a buddy system when walking to and from bus stops is highly recommended whenever possible.

Schools generally provide a list of materials that students will need as the year begins (paper, notebook, etc.). You can help ensure that your child is ready to begin learning on day one, by providing as many of these items as possible.

Set clear expectations for your child’s performance in school. lf your child knows his/her education is important to you, he/she will be much more likely to value learning.

Meet your child’s teacher(s) and determine the best method of communication about your child's needs/progress throughout the year. Registration day and open house events held at each school are often excellent opportunities for meeting your child's teacher(s). You may also elect to schedule parent-teacher conferences throughout the year. Stay involved by becoming a school volunteer. You can submit an online volunteer application here.

Establish a homework routine. Studying in the same place at the same time every day makes doing homework a habit.

Consider establishing a family reading time. Even older kids benefit when you turn off the television and read together. You can all read the same book, or each read your own book or magazine. Through practicing, reading at home, students often improve their literacy skills across all content areas.


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