Pasco County Eyes Federal Cleanup Funds

The county has requested that state officials help prepare a damage assessment in order to qualify for federal dollars to help residents rebuild.

Pasco County wants to tap federal funds to help residents clean up and rebuild their storm-damaged homes.

County officials asked the State of Florida this week to assist in what is known as a Joint Damage Assessment to survey the structural losses.

The county declared a local state of emergency on Monday morning.

"Working together, the two entities can determine if Pasco County is eligible for
Federal Damage Assistance," county officials wrote in a press statement Wednesday.

The county also is reminding residents to work with licensed contractors when they hire people to make repairs.

If You Need Help

Residents who still need assistance should call the Resident Information
Center at 727-847-8959. If water is entering your home and life-saving
assistance is needed, call 911.

Sand and sandbags are still available at:

  • West Pasco Government Center, 7536 State St., New Port Richey
  • 7918 Rhodes Rd., Hudson, Fire Station #10,
  • 2952 Seven Springs Blvd., New Port Richey, Fire Station #17
  • Mitchell Field Park, 4711 Little Rd, New Port Richey
  • 6907 Dairy Rd., Zephyrhills, Fire Station #1

Residents who self-evacuated and are returning to their property will be asked
for proper identification before emergency responders will allow residents
back into the impacted area.

The Pasco County Health Department is reminding residents that floodwaters may contain fecal material, associated bacteria, viruses and other pollutants as lift stations are overflowing in the flooded areas.

For Information

Call 727-861-5250 or the Resident Information Center at 727-847-8959.

Or visit:

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