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Hi there! I'm an '03 USF Fine Arts grad, and a creative person who loves gardening. art, collecting vintage items, thrift store treasure hunts, decorating, and my 3 chihuahuas... My lovely husband and I own Two online vintage shops at: http://www.mercanstyle.etsy.com (for vintage home goods) and
http://www.mercanstyle2.etsy.com (for vintage clothing) I have a companion photo blog for my vintage shops at: http://mercanstyle.tumblr.com and my 3 cute chihuahuas have their own photoblog at: http://puppertons.tumblr.com
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Gina is a local vintage curator for an online vintage store, adoptive mother, GradMore student, and chihuahua lover. She shares her pictures and stories about finds and other musings here.
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